Our Story

The Inspiration

Max Hassan, chef and owner of Vittorio’s Grill, reopened the restaurant with intent on maintaining and expanding the grounds that his father, Vittorio Hassan, established. Vittorio was the owner of Vittorio’s Kosher Pizzeria, which closed its doors in 2003 at the exact same property. Our goal is to bring the knowledge that kosher food is healthy and of high quality to the people of Boston.

Vittorio’s Grill is a family owned and operated Kosher Grill-House that brings you high quality grass-fed beef seasoned to perfection and a melting pot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors that you can trust feeding to your family members, all with the family-oriented atmosphere that Vittorio’s Grill is known for. If you are looking for a kosher restaurant in the Boston area, This is the place for you. A variety of Israeli and Middle Eastern dishes and they are authentic as they should be!

We are all about the family, and we focus on treating our customers like family as well. Our service is what sets us apart from the rest, and we are here for every customer. We believe fresh food created with passion, from scratch using real ingredients, just tastes better!  We know the difference and our customers can taste the difference.

Fellow Bostonians that are saying – “But I don’t eat kosher. What is it?”.
Just know that –
Kosher meat is not only for Jewish people, it’s clean meat. Deeming something as Kosher means that it has to be of High Quality.

Come and try us. Good food, Good service, and Good conversation are what we try to give our customers with every visit.